March 18 & 19, 2024  –  AT&T Hotel & Conference Center Austin, Texas


Preparing for construction’s digital future

March 18

18:00 - 19:30 / Welcome networking drinks

March 19

08:15 / Registration and networking

09:10 / Welcoming - Andy Brown, Editor, International Construction

In this session we will discuss the technical, social, and economic factors that are driving the need for advanced vehicles in the construction industry. We will also discuss the market forces that are creating the need for more vehicles with high operator assistance functions and a future state of driverless automation. This discussion will include some of the significant challenges OEMs and suppliers face with new technologies and ”edge case” management around the vehicle and job site. During the discussion we will also focus on how to overcome these challenges and the future of the off-highway autonomous vehicle industry.

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Dr. Christopher Rausch will discuss the present and future use cases of laser scanning in the construction industry. He will also highlight innovative workflows he has worked on, including dimensional quality for offsite construction, solving problems in the field, integration with artificial intelligence, and achieving a sustainable future through the reuse of materials. 

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10:45 / Networking coffee

The construction industry has undergone significant changes over the years, with advancements in technology leading the way. Building on 30+ years of technology development experience, Caterpillar is focused on creating technology that allows all customers to adopt and benefit from the tech, without creating additional risks. This session will focus on how technology is helping to enhance productivity, efficiency and safety in the construction industry, for individual machines, operators and sites.

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12:40 / Networking lunch

Texas, US, is expected to install more than 4 GW of solar capacity over the next five years to lead the nation. But to meet this challenge, developers not only have to build more, but they must build large-scale facilities faster and better than ever before. This talk explores how Bechtel is using digital delivery to rise to this energy transition challenge at its Texas solar projects. Its innovation offers both a glimpse into how technology aids engineering and construction now, and a prediction of how more renewable energy projects could be built more efficiently in the future. 

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15:10 / Networking coffee

Laure will tell delegates at the conference how she is helping to build an experimental fusion reactor in the south of France. The ITER project aims to use the same nuclear reactions that power the Sun to provide a long-term solution to our quest for non-carbon-emitting energy. The summit audience will no doubt be keen to hear about the construction of ITER’s Tokamak, which lies at the heart of the facility and contains an estimated one million parts.

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The compact equipment industry has seen impressive advancements in recent years as emerging technologies transform how OEMs engineer equipment to be smarter and perform more efficiently. Bobcat Vice President of Global Innovation Joel Honeyman will share how connectivity, electrification and autonomy are driving equipment advancements. During this session, Honeyman will debunk common misconceptions and ignite curiosity about the benefits these innovative advancements offer to equipment owners and operators. Through these transformative developments across equipment lineups, operators can be empowered to accomplish more – with an emphasis on power, performance and sustainability.

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16:50 / Concluding remarks

17:00 / Networking drinks reception


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