March 18 & 19, 2024  –  AT&T Hotel & Conference Center Austin, Texas

Paul Surin

Head of digital & IT at Neom’s Trojena project

TOPIC: The gaming tech putting NEOM’s Trojena project at the heart of the ConTech revolution

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Paul leads the digital development of the iconic Trojena resort, which aims to blend natural and developed landscapes and offer a unique human-centric experience for residents and visitors. 

With over 15 years’ experience in the engineering, construction and consulting sectors, Paul is passionate about innovating and transforming business models challenged by new technologies, new construction methods, regulators, new competitors and market changes such as sustainability/net zero.

He leads Trojena’s digital twin initiative, merging assets, processes and systems for improved decision making. 

He is also building a robust data ecosystem, focusing on governance and use of data for predictive analytics. 

Paul has extensive experience in the built environment and manufacturing sectors and understands the complexities and opportunities presented by data and digital twins, as well as the value of technologies such as AI, blockchain, and Industry 4.0.